The Drive Home

Hours ago we were on the road drive home. While driving home many of things happened. The first crazy thing that happened was that Lawna got sick so that got most of us a little bit sick too. When Carlee was sitting by Lawna we were going down a windy road and Carlee was get a urge to throw up. When I was sitting by Lawna she got me a little bit sick as well so now I have a stuffy nose.

As it got dark Jocelyn started complaining for all sorts of reasons like: “my computer is dead”, “I’m thirsty” and “I’m hungry”. Well you get the idea! After that Sol noticed that the GPS was taking us a really different way that he would not have taken. A little bit after that Jocelyn got super tired so she started complaining again about being tired which that really bugged me because I was writhing this post. Also when I was writing this post one of my friends kept texting me about a game. After awhile sitting in the van we got home! But before we knew it we had to get back in the car to go to our grandparent’s house because the water was off in our neighborhood. Which by the way this made everyone a little bit mad. When we got to their house me and Sol unpacked and we all fell asleep.


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