We were driving back from Iowa and decided to stop instead of continuing to drive for another eight hours. Though to stop and sleep we needed hotel rooms. This week we have stayed in a number of hotels in a number of places. Though mom was always the one to get them and with mom being back Iowa I had to be the one to make the arrangements. This included finding a good hotel that allows pets, that had two rooms with two beds each, that the rooms were preferably next to each other and wouldn’t cost a million dollars. This was not an easy task. While working on it I had a sudden reminder of how much my mom deserves respect. Eventually I found one and the only thing left to do was call. Again not an easy task because one I felt car sick and two I didn’t know what I was doing. Once the guy had picked up I asked for the rooms and made sure that they allowed pets, everything was going smoothly, but then I had to reserve the rooms and that’s when Sol had to pull over and finish the conversation for me. This was because when we started talking about how I was going to pay for the rooms I started to stumble over my words and had to ask him to repeat things more than once. Though the whole thing was a pretty good experience and now I know how to find and reserve a hotel a hotel room with a little help. For my first time reserving a hotel room I think I did pretty good. Especially when we all slept pretty good in really comfortable beds.


Comment below your story about the first time you reserved a hotel room.



2 thoughts on “Hotels

  1. The first time that I reserved a hotel room was in 1987, on a long drive moving from Fairbanks, AK to Phoenix, AZ. There were 2 parents and 2 children, one age 4 yrs and one age 4 months old. It was winter and quite cold and we did not have mobile phones. We drove up to the hotel and I went inside to ask for a room. The desk clerk was busy with families and I realized that this was a hotel that had an indoor pool! I was excited and when it was my turn I told him that we needed a room for 4. He finally found a room large enough for us and asked for payment. That is when I realized that I had come into the hotel from the cold truck, in the dark, carrying the diaper bag and not my purse. I was so embarrased and left to get my purse. When I found the truck, in the dark parking lot, I told my husband that I needed to pay and had grabbed the diaper bag instead of my purse. He helped me find my purse and offered to go in to pay. I accepted and waited with the kids while he went in. After awhile he came out and said that they wouldn’t take cash as a payment and only accepted credit cards. We didn’t have one! We remembered that we had borrowed a card from a friend to use in case of emergency and decided that this was an emergency. Then we had to find the card. We searched his wallet and my purse-outside in the truck, in the cold, windy winter night. We couldn’t find it and were getting quite scared. All kinds of thoughts went through our minds about how our friend would react to us if we lost the credit card. I started crying and the kids were getting upset. We finally decided to take them inside the hotel and search the purse and carry-in items in the light of the lobby. I took the baby inside to change his diaper and lo and behold, I found the credit card. It has slipped into a small hole in the seam of the diaper bag and I felt it when reaching inside for items. Wahoo! We were so excited. We got a room and dad and our 4 yr old went on the huge indoor water slides. I waited at a table by the indoor water slides with the baby and took photos of them swimming and having fun. What started out as a potential disaster turned out to be a night of fun. You may have questions such as: why were we allowed to borrow a credit card; how could we use someone else’s card; who paid the credit card bill, and perhaps others. I can answer them when I come to see you all.


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