Spider Bites Bug?!

Yesterday afternoon Sophia and Jocelyn caught a spider and put in a bug playground. Soon after they did Sophia and I found another bug that we also put in the same bug playground. After awhile of Sophia looking at the bugs in separate corners she thought that she would get a toothpick and try to get the bug to touch the spider. She did and the bug touched the spider and when it did the spider grabbed the bug close and bit it. A little bit later Sophia noticed that the bug was bleeding something green so she thought that it was blood. (Carlee is freaking out at this point because she is afraid of spiders just like me!) When Sophia noticed that the bugs legs were starting to curl inwards so she thought that the bug was starting to die. Awhile later Sol got home and Sophia showed the bug and spider to him then let them go in our back yard. That was spider adventure we had yesterday afternoon.


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