Roe Roe Your Boat

As you may already know we are closer than ever you lots of our family friends, now that we are in the lower 48. When our trip visiting our Papa in Iowa was slightly delayed we decided to visit our Illinois family the Roe’s. The trip to the Roe family house didn’t take long and we were there in less than three hours. Thank goodness for the reward of seeing old family because just the day before we had completed the fifteen hour drive to Iowa and sitting in the car for more than that would’ve killed us. Once we were finally done driving we unloaded our things and went up stairs to go to bed though bedtime was also slightly delayed but this time by some catching up and the showing of an original Nintendo Entertainment System. Parker thought it was amazing. (If you want to hear more about the original Nintendo Entertainment System Check out the Duck Hunt post) The next day we woke up bright and early to see our Illinois sister off to school and get started on our own school work. After we finished up school work which didn’t take us very long, Melissa  told us all about her plan to take to some pretty cool places. Though she decided to keep the last place a surprise because it just so happened that is was her favorite place to take people from out of state to. Later that day we ended up taking a rather beautiful walk to pick Mackenzie up and take her with us to the park. We stayed for awhile and then made our way to Wood Bakery to get donuts and something to drink.  Another thing we did while we were there was go to Missouri to see a free zoo. The zoo was called the St.Louis Zoo It was pretty amazing that the zoo was free, we got to learn that most of the places like that are free because they believe that all people should have access to those experiences. We saw a lot of animals that are normally at a zoo but, we also got see animals like the red panda for the first time in a exhibit which parker was pretty exciting about, it’s his favorite animal. After the zoo we went to the art museum.This wasn’t the Powell-Nelson’s regular trip to an Art museum though. The St.Louis Art Museum was HIGH class.There was almost complete silence in the museum. They had very classy artifacts inside the museum. I mean we were so taken aback by how much art could be put in one building, even the building itself was a piece of art. The museum was also very large so one trip inside would not suffice. They had everything from traditional African masks to mummies from ancient Egyptian times to beautiful sculptures from europe. The last place we went to was The City Museum located in St louis Missouri. The only way we can explain the City Museum to you is that it is if Tim Burton made a playground it would have been the City Museum. We had a lot of fun at the City Museum because every time you go you won’t  do the same stuff you did last time you went. This place is also the kind of place where going one time does not suffice. The reason behind why you won’t do the exact same stuff every time you go is because they always tweaking, expanding, and you just can’t see everything in one go. We totally recommend that if you are in St. Louis stop by the City Museum, you won’t regret it. Though going to these places was amazing and we had a great time it wasn’t the best part. We are so grateful to have a family like this to be able to stay with. We have missed them for too long which made seeing the Roe family that much better. We can’t wait to see them again and hopefully it won’t be too long until then this time. Thank you so much Roe Family, we love and miss you!

-The Kiddos


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