Loving books

I have recently picked up an old book I used to read when I was younger. The name of book is ‘Midnight for Charlie Bone’ by Jenny Nimmo. It’s pretty funny reading it now because when I remember reading it the book seemed a lot different. The book seemed to be longer and in more detail but now that I’m reading it again it doesn’t seem that way. Though I still love the story, it got me thinking about writing my book. The writing style is sort of how I’d like for my story to be though with a bit more detail. I’m super excited about my book and bringing back some old memories as I read this old series I used to read. I have also been reading some books I have never read before and am super excited to read. I have been reading an awful lot lately and can’t wait to finish reading all of my books before I return them to the library. Please comment some of your favorite books to read, I always love to books that have been highly recommended by friends. 


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