I don’t know about you but I TOTALLY believe in aliens. I mean it only makes sense that there are aliens out there. Our universe is way too big for only earth to be the sole inhabitant of life, just doesn’t make sense that Earth is the only planet in the whole entire universe to have life on it. So when we were driving back from our grandparents house and saw a fast moving strobing light moving at incredible speed I instantly assumed that it was a UFO and I wasn’t the only one either. At first everyone assumed it was a plane but the way it was flying didn’t really support that theory. It was very low and going super fast and the strobing light was flashing so fast it was almost less than a second between the next flash. We were all in agreement then that we were watching a UFO in flight. Then we were in hot pursuit it was awesome. It somehow it starting flying in the opposite direction. We tried to film it but of course like every single found footage document it was blurry and you could barely see it. You couldn’t really see any definitive shape. It was just a fast moving strobe light. The light was exclusively white. We followed it but we reached a stop light and within seconds we lost it. I did some research and apparently Myrtle Beach is a hotspot for UFO activity. Maybe it came from there I don’t know but it was really cool. We were trying to look for people who have seen a similar sighting but nothing matched 100%. If you have seen a UFO or something like that tell us about it. I love reading about other peoples UFO experiences!


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