Racing Day

Have you ever wanted to go racing? Well , we sure do! Especially after our Dad got a Darlington Raceway experience.  Sadly we are not old enough nor are we our Dad, so we couldn’t drive our own race car just yet. Yesterday our Dad got to have a real race car driving experience. You may recall, for his birthday this September we surprised him with a chance to live the life of a real race car driver. Bright and early Saturday morning he got his chance. As soon as he woke up he had pep in his step. When nine o’clock rolled around we were out the door and headed straight for the Darlington Raceway. When we finally got to the race track, Dad suited up and headed to registration and orientation. We went to the seats set out for onlookers and waited for him. Once he finished with the orientation he came out for us to see him in all of his gear and he was totally acting like a kid on Christmas morning. After that he headed to race car number 10 to ride with a professional race car driver around the track a few times. Dad told us that while he was riding in the race car he felt exhilarated and has a the new appreciation for racers. While Dad got to have an experience of a lifetime, we were outside on these little flimsy chairs freezing our butts off. You might say something like, “Well yeah of course it is cold.” though you would only say this if you are from the lower 48. If you happened to be from Alaska as we are, you would think that 40 degrees outside it not cold, so our Alaskan family would be sad to know that now our blood is thinner than a sourdough pancake served at a school breakfast (shout out to all those Watershed families). Dad rolled back into pit road and headed straight to pick up his video footage. OF COURSE THEY LOST IT SO NOW WE CAN’T SHOW IT OFF TO EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO SEE IT! But that’s okay…it’s fine…we’re fine…he’s fine…we’re not angry or anything…no way… we aren’t sending hit men to their direct location…no way… pfff it’s cool.

Honestly though it was really good to see dad with a new sparkle in his eyes. We did get some of our own footage and we finished the day right by going out to eat lunch. Oh and don’t forget to let us know if you have ever done the Darlington Raceway experience or raced at another location.

-The Kiddos

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3 Replies to “Racing Day”

  1. So COOL! You are the most amazing family I have ever come across. Nope, no car racing experience personally, or in the family. Unless you want to count a teenage daughter taking her father’s, Ken’s, supper hot sports car over 140 miles an hour on these back Alaskan roads. She swore her new younger siblings (my bio-kids) to secrecy. She didn’t know there was a time limitation for their silence.


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