The Heart Chakra

I love the color green, like the color of birch tree leaves during break-up season in Alaska. It’s my favorite color because it makes me feel calm and at peace. There is even a chakra that is the color green.  The green chakra is at your center, at the heart. That’s where the green chakra gets it’s name of The Heart Chakra or also know as Anahata. Anahata is known for compassion, love and beauty. The meaning and functions that are associated with the heart chakra are…


  • Love for oneself and others
  • Relating, relationships
  • Compassion, empathy
  • Forgiveness, acceptance
  • Transformation, change
  • Ability to grieve and reach peace
  • Compassionate discernment
  • Center of awareness

Though when your heart chakra is out of balance you may notice some signs like….

  • Being overly defensive
  • Feeling closed down
  • Jealousy
  • Codependency, relying on other’s approval and attention, trying to please at all cost
  • Always putting oneself in the role of the savior or the rescuer; or on the contrary, falling into victimization
  • Excessive isolation, antisocial
  • Holding grudges, not being to forgive
  • Respiratory ailments, such as lung infection, bronchitis
  • Circulatory and heart-related issues

I learned that if anything like this happens to you that there are things that you can do to open up your heart charaka again. You can do things like yoga poses, loving your body, or appreciating nature. There is a list of some things you can do,

  • Work with the breath to balance your energy; observe it, play with it with breathing exercises
  • Cultivate your appreciation for beauty, whether it’s in nature, people or in the arts
  • Practice self-care and love your body up, from a good bath with rose essential oil to yoga poses opening the heart area
  • Cultivate self-compassion and acceptance, especially with regards to your emotions and body
  • Engage in activities that feed your heart
  • Focus on receiving if you are naturally inclined to be a giver; and on giving if you’re more inclined to receive all the time
  • Reflect on old wounds inherited from family relationships and come to terms with them compassionately; practice forgiveness deep within your heart
  • Express your gratitude, even if it’s in silence; you can be grateful for the presence of other people in your life or simply for good things that make your life easier and happier

I hope that if you can connect with this that it benefits and your heart chakra is balanced. That you can be compassionate, loving and forgiving. I feel that’s what the world needs most.

Image result for the heart chakra

– Carlee


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