The Hectic life of a Powell-Nelson

Sunday morning, bright and early I hear the doorbell ring, knocks at the door , Ruthie barking, and Lawna the Terrible awoke and stalked her way into my parent’s room, her next victims. In the next few minutes we were all woken to the news that we would not be spending the day in our house due to the fact we no longer had water. What had brought our neighbor to our door was a gushing geyser in our front yard. What apparently happened was a pipe in our yard busted a leak and was now watering our lawn. We were out of water and we needed to do some laundry so we divided and conquered. Erica and Carlee went to the laundromat and me and Dad went to entertain Parker and the Littles. We walked around a park that was tucked away in the woods and saw some pretty cool wild life, until a bird of prey was NO JOKE like 4 feet away from us, plenty close, to peck and scratch our faces off. I am not afraid of most animals but hawks and falcons are pretty high on my list of things I fear. My dad tells me I am overreacting and that it probably won’t even attack us. That’s my thing probably. I don’t like probably’s. So after forcing my party farther down the trail back to the park, we decided it was best to go and get some lunch. We got some Chinese food (and the customer service there was off the charts) and checked in with Carlee and Erica. Lawna was extra crabby that day so we decided to have a chill time and just watch movies with our parents, which didn’t happen because Erica and Dad went out to dinner and we were left home to hang out. We ended up playing hide and seek in the dark and we watched some movies with out them. Soon the parents came home, the water was back on and the day ended beautifully.






2 thoughts on “The Hectic life of a Powell-Nelson

  1. I love birds of prey, but they are more dangerous than people give them credit for. Early on in Facebook world there was a Video posted from one of the former Eastern Block countries. It was a golden eagle that swooped down and tried to carry a very big baby off, most likely for its next meal. This was in a public park, green grass all. The dad was right next to where the baby was sitting. Not sure if it was the father running after the eagle trying to fly with the big baby hanging from the clothing that the bird had gripped in its claws, or the bird realized the meal was a tad heavier that expected. The eagle dropped the baby and flew off to find easier prey. The baby bounced, and the fall of 10 feet or so didn’t seem to cause much damage. I watched that video over and over trying to decide if it was a real situation. I, who have spent hundreds of hours manipulating photos, decided it really did happened.


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