Spinning To Death!

A few days ago Sol, the Littles, Sophia, and I went to a park with a tire swing. The first thing we did was go straight to the tire swing. Me and the littles were the first to go on the tire swing which was a horrible idea if you ask me. The reason why it was a horrible idea is because Sophia spun us really fast. when we stopped me and Jocelyn were not walking in a straight line if you know what I mean. After me and Jocelyn were not as dizzy we went on a little walk, but if you want to read about that you can read The Hectic life of a Powell-Nelson. After the walk me and Sol did the tire swing together, and if you know Sol really well you already know this was a very brave thing he was about to do. When me and Sol got comfortable Sophia spun us even fast than before when me and the littles did it. After a it felt like a lifetime to Sol he said stop and we spun slower and slower until we stopped. When Sol got off he was totally not walking in a straight line. A few seconds later he was saying he spinning to death when he was on the tire swing.

Well that was the story of me, Sol and the littles spinning to death. Don’t forget to check out our posts.


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