Short Story Saturday

When we left off a skeleton like rat chased you and Crysta into a cave that’s made out of trash.

Part 7

When the rat is almost in the cave you hear this frightening roar from above you. A minute later the rat ran away from the roar. After that things only got worse after that. When you think it’s all clear of animals you walk slowly out of the cave. You step out and no animals are there. So Crysta steps out to and you guys hear the roar again. After a few minutes of walking around the wasteland you start to notice that everything is starting to shake and you hear this really loud stomping sound. After you walk around a small hill of trash you see the thing that is making the roaring and stomping sound. The creature is huge and looks like a skeleton sabortooth cat with black clouds coming off of the huge cat. After a few minutes of stairing at the creature the creature notices you and you start running away but, the creature pops up in front of you and … Continues in Part 8

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