Moving days

Sundays post

Five hours of packing, a twenty foot U-haul, and two days of driving. That is what it takes for us to pick up everything and move. It’s pretty surprising for a family of seven, well at least that’s what other people are thinking. For us it’s just a goal to beat next time. As we write this post we are also driving to Iowa. Sitting in the car for fifteen hours for the fourth time is still a pain, but it’s always worth it to see our Iowa family. We were able to hold up to our promise and eat better as we traveled and even got salmon at our luxurious hotel. The Hilton Garden Inn hotel we stayed at was great. The rooms were big and clean and they brought our food up on a trolley. The maids that helped us were awesome and were very attentive to our needs. Breakfast came and we were treated with the same great hospitality. Once that was out of the way we were on the road, again. To keep everyone awake Erica would spontaneously request a song that went along certain guidelines. One was a song about tail lights, another about leaves, and we even made up a Thanksgiving song. Keeping mom entertained and awake was a priority and kept things interesting. Along the way we ate a very wide variety of raisins. There was caramel, dark chocolate, golden and sour strawberry. There are actually jobs in the van, you might know them; Copilot: supplier of food, navigation and entertainment for everyone. Even if you don’t want to. Bending over a million and ten times to give people snacks is a killer core workout. Middleman: as middleman you are required to help the littlest pass the food on and work the electronics. This job is fairly simple and you are able to sleep unlike the copilot. Back seat junky: this is the best seat in the van, you get two seats to yourself and all the sleeping time you want. Parker took full advantage of this as he was exiled to the back seat. But over all fifteen hours everything went great and sorta to plan. When we got into Iowa everyone was so relieved that we were almost done with the day. After looking at a new rental house we all slept well that night.

One thought on “Moving days

  1. You guys should start being a TripAdviser critic? The Hilton would be happy if you gave them a 5 Star rating. I started doing TripAdviser mostly to honor staff going above and beyond their jobs. I guess I see lots of good,cause i’m Now in Trip Adviser’s top 20% of reviewers. Not sure what that means, but it makes me feel good to do more than just leave a tip.

    And, your family should take on some butt kicking awesome nickname for being so quick in the moving department! Well, and for being so all around awesome.


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