New house!

As most of you will soon be seeing all over Facebook and such, we got a new house! The new house is in Iowa and a pretty short drive to our grandpa’s house by the river. The house is fully renovated with three bedrooms, one large bathroom and a basement. The neighborhood has sidewalks and a school right around the corner with a playground. The house is definitely an upgrade from our house in South Carolina. We will be able to move in Wednesday and it is going to be awesome! We are super excited to get some better furniture instead of having the Lego box as our couch. The best part is that for the past few weeks we have been staying positive and been really excited to get this house. Well at first it wasn’t this exact house but it was the idea of a new ‘base camp’ sort of speak that we were truly looking forward to. Now the power of attraction has brought us an amazing new house to call Base Camp. Though before we can move in we are staying at our Papa’s house which in the past there has been many posts about. Posts that you can checkout after you comment below your favorite moving memories.


2 thoughts on “New house!

  1. No favorite moving memories. By the time I started 10th grade it coincided with being my 14th school. That means a good year equaled getting to stay in one school for the whole year. The bigger problem was having the subliminal script that I was a “Mover”, and continued doing countless moves even as a young adult. By the time my first born was 7 he had lived in 9 homes, of which we had even bought 3 of those homes.

    I became aware that moving really often wasn’t something I had to do. In fact, I HATED MOVING! What I hated the most was packing of the books. It is like finding old friends that I just wanted to sit and read, but there was no time. Hahaha – and we have culled our books drastically, but still own over 2,000.

    What I do now to interrupt my Karma is:
    1. I volunteer to help whenever I hear someone is moving.
    2. I’ve convinced Ken to play the “We Are Moving” game as a way of keeping our home from becoming overstuffed. The game is to work your way through the house room by room, gutting it and then deep cleaning it, with the primary question being “Would we pay shipping fees to move this item?”
    3. And, we do the extended road trips in the RV.

    So far so good! My last move was in 1992, when Ken & I got married. And, the last move from one community to another was in 1988, moving from Homer to Fairbanks to attend university.

    I’ve learned to not ever say “I’ll never —”. Instead I now say “I hope to God that I never have to move again!” Ken’s & my plan is to have our kids move our stuff out of the house once we are dead. We don’t want them to be angerier than necessary, while cleaning up our mess. So, we are spending these years going through and organizing everything. My next big task is going through the photos, scanning all of them, and organizing them for the kids history. 6 big tubs of photos with no organization to them at all! Yikes!

    With that big whine said, maybe it is time to look at the strengths I gained from moving so often, especially when I was young. I watched your mom’s posts on FB almost obsessively as you all prepared to make the big move from Fairbanks. And, when I read of the packing and moving from South Carolina to Iowa I gave a big hoot of ”Hooray”. Your family is a model of how to have freedom even when connected as a family.


  2. I love starting ‘fresh’ when I move into a new home. I enjoy cleaning it top to bottom and giving it a fresh coat of paint before moving MY things in. Sometimes I purchase some newer item for the newer home. My favorite room to unpack and set up is the kitchen.

    Probably my most favorite move occurred when I was working in Fairbanks. I sold my house. Since I was in Alaska, my mom found me an apartment. My son and mom packed my house, moved my things into my new place and unpacked boxes, setting up my new place. I never saw it til I went home 3 mos. later.


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