Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I would like to start out by saying how grateful I am for all you. You guys have been so supporting in the start of this blog and it’s just going to keep getting better. I hope that you will all stick around and continue on this journey with us.

On the first of this month I had started a thirty-days of gratefulness journal. Writing everyday about something I’m grateful for has really given me a lot less to complain about, not that I had a lot to begin with. Life is great and we should all truly embrace that. We should be cherishing every moment we have because really who knows if there will be a next. I know that it sounds like YOLO(you only live once) but, it’s true you do only live once for all we know. With the world changing so much everyday who knows what could happen tomorrow so we need to be grateful for today. Live today as if tomorrow isn’t guaranteed because it  isn’t. Do what you want, help people, go on the vacation you’ve always wanted, ask for that raise, or start your own business. Hug your family members, tell them you love them, tell random strangers that you hope they have a great day, smile, laugh, make jokes, accomplish goals, and never forget what you are grateful for. Though also never forget that people are grateful that you here in the world too. Happy Thanksgiving.


Stay grateful,

– Carlee

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