Our thanksgiving

Yesterday we went to Rave Cinemas 53 to watch the new motion picture Coco for thanksgiving. Coco was a beautiful and heart warming experience that is fun for everyone. Coco’s story is about a young boy Miguel finding his true self and learning the power of familia. Miguel pursues his music passion in secret as his family has outlawed any music to be heard or sung. After stealing his great great great grandfather’s guitar to enter into a competition to prove his worth he unknowingly enters into the land of the dead. Trying to get back home Miguel meets his ancestors and learns the true meaning of being apart of a family. This movie is for everyone and is a great watch with the family. The Powell-Nelson family gives this movie a 10/10 and would watch it again. If you haven’t already seen it go grab some tickets and watch Coco. The Rave Cinemas 53 was an experience like no other. First of all being from Fairbanks Alaska I am limited to the amount of theater experiences. I must say this cinema was by far the most amazing cinema I have had the privilege to watch a movie at. First of all the tickets were very reasonable price, they were very inexpensive. The seats were amazing. They were so plush and they could recline! They had little tables and cup holders. They cinema was also very clean, it was an extremely enjoyable experience.


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