Traffic Troubles

Our original plan for this Sunday’s post was to post our sponsor letter. That didn’t happen though because we learned about internet traffic. After doing some research we came to understand that advertisers aren’t looking for websites with low traffic, which makes complete sense. Why put your ad on a website with low traffic? This means the site won’t be getting a lot of people will be visiting the site, thus not getting more buyers for their product. Lots of websites said that advertisers are looking for websites that are getting at least 10k visitors a month, WAY above the traffic we are getting now. This isn’t totally a lost cause though, and we aren’t giving up on our blog yet. We are doing more research to make our blog bigger and better. You should be expecting certain themes with our individualized posts in the future. We really appreciate your comments because constructive criticism is what we use to bring you better posts. Also expect more images and videos with our posts, you won’t be seeing the same old text on its own anymore. It’s time to mix things up. The only thing that will remain the same is our sundays post, keeping you updated on our lives and our adventures. There is also something you viewers could do to help. Putting our name out their will help so much, reblogging our posts, telling you friends or family and checking in everyday will help so much. Be sure to check in everyday, if you have a wordpress account and you are following us it will be on you “Reader” page in wordpress, if you subscribed with an email it will be in your inbox. Our views and visitors have drastically declined from 416 views and visitors a month to 157 views and visitors a month. So while we are doing everything we can to upgrade our blog, help us get our name out there, it would mean so much to us. Let your friends and coworkers. Post on social media about the post you read or even if you liked it or not. Doing any of these things would be a huge help.  Thank You!




Here is our sponsor letter we were going to send.


Dear ________ ,


Remember those family road trips, the family vacations to your grandparents house, or those crazy summer camping adventures. We are the authors of HMO.hersmineandourskids blog and are sharing our versions of those experiences with the world. We all come together providing different views of world and our adventures. We are part of a family of eight and we are constantly on the go with new happenings everyday. We started this blog primarily to keep in touch with friends and family we left behind in Alaska, though things started to change when more people started visiting our site. We started writing more and more till we were writing everyday. Our group trades off so it’s a different perspective everyday, then we come together to write a post for sundays. We would like to have a wider variety of content on our blog and are looking to sponsors for help. We would like sponsors to help us further our “exploration” of the world so we can keep releasing new and better content. A plan in mind for our blog is that we will soon be traveling the 50 states in a long road trip and wanted to talk about the things we experienced there while simultaneously reviewing products and attractions along the way. If you need us to do some advertising, rating of products, or just want to donate money to upgrade our site or fund an adventure, don’t hesitate to contact us.


-The HMO-Kids


This letter now is just a reminder that this is where our blog takes a turn for the better.

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