I’ve decided

That’s right, I’ve decided. Right now you may be asking “decided what?”. Well the answer to that is “a topic for Thursdays” of course. I wrote in my last post that I wanted to have a topic to write about only on Thursday, and that I wanted to have that topic picked out by today. So this is what I intend to talk about in this post. The idea started to come to me when I came across the comments from the “NO BLINKING!” post. The comments were helpful in the journey of finding something to write about. This is because not only did it lead back to that post, it kept me motivated to make sure that I give you all the excellent content you deserve. Re-reading the post “NO BLINKING!” reminded me of all the other people we want to interview. It also made me make the connection that I could still answer the tons of questions people have by interviewing the people with those answers. After a lot of brainstorming names for this fabulous day of interviews every Thursday I finally came up with a name. Without further ado I present to you (insert drum roll here)……… Talk Show Thursday! I’m super excited to be doing an interview every week. I have already started a list of people that I want interview. Don’t forget that you can comment on this post with the names of people and questions you have always wanted to ask them.

This coming week we will be interviewing a very important person to the HMO-kids. So if you have any questions about homeschool you should put them in the comments. Can’t wait to read them! Talk to you guys on Monday for Motivational Monday.

– Carlee

2 thoughts on “I’ve decided

  1. I am super excited to see where your new ideas go. I don’t always comment but I love reading my daily dose of the hmo kids. Good luck. I’ll be reading.


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