Whitey’s Review

How good is Whitey’s you ask? Well if you are asking the Nelson-Powell family, they would answer with sharp inhales, sighs of happiness, and gasps of joy. Whitey’s deliciousness can not be described by words.


We each have our own favorites. Our own die hard flavors we would never stray from. Carlee’s is the Black Raspberry chocolate chip shale with raspberry flavoring. Carlle just loves this ice cream because; first it’s raspberry and second it’s chocolate. Two of Carlee’s favorite flavors, so with it being homemade the flavors are even better. Sophia’s favorite ice cream is the triple chocolate fudge brownie shake with chocolate flavoring. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Yeah we don’t know either.  Sophia is crazy about chocolate, like straight jacket crazy. Plus those delicious fudge and brownie chunks seal the deal. Parker doesn’t really have a favorite because it’s hard to get away from the flavors you already know and love. But he normally gets the triple chocolate fudge brownie. There are a million different flavors at Whitey’s so any time you are in the state of Iowa go out and find yours!

-The Kiddos

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