Mirror Mirror

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Today is the first post for Motivation! I’m super excited to get all of you motivated to do all the things you want to do in life. To start out I’d like you to take a minute to think about how you view yourself. Are you strong or weak, smart or not so much. Once you have done this I’m going to need you to discard all of the negative things you said about yourself as and find a mirror. I have made a list of statements to say out-loud while looking in the mirror. The mirror comes into play because when you look in the mirror you will see yourself telling you what you really are. By saying these statements you can start to feel more confident, by feeling more confident you will be more motivated to do the things to love and will become more happy. There are those statements…..

I am full of life

I am living with purpose and passion

I am enriched in everything I do

My dreams are possible

I am successful

I am confident in my individuality

I trust myself

I am perfect as I am


This is just the begining

Repeat this as many times as you feel like. I would recommend doing everyday at the same time, like first thing in the morning or after you brush your teeth. What you tell yourself every day will either lift you up or tear you down. I encourage you to make sure that you make time to do this, because it’s not about “having time”, it’s about making time. If you really want to see change in how you view yourself you have to start today. Nothing will happen if you are just sitting on the couch because you don’t want to put in the effort. Life doesn’t have a remote, you have to get up and change it yourself.



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