Adapt and Over Come

Some of you might be thinking why is this post titled Adapt and Over Come if this post is suppose to be about food. Well I was originally going to make Thai Pork Stir-Fry but my Mom couldn’t find the special seasoning that it called for so my Mom call me and said “I couldn’t find the seasoning but I found this other thing called Street Kitchen Scratch Kit”. So she Bought that, came home and explained what I was going to do. But the next day when I was suppose to be cooking I got frustrated about that I wasn’t cooking the meal I picked out and my mom said that I suppose to cook the Street Kitchen Korean BBQ Beef. A little while later when I was in my room mad my mom came in and said that I was going to make French Toast in the morning. So I Had to Adapt and Over Come.


In the morning while making French toast I wondered about who invented French toast because really it’s eggs mixed with milk on bread. Which is good, but really that’s really weird if you think about it. But when I looked it up it said the first French toast recipe was made by the Roman Empire.

Tip: 4eggs will make 6pieces of French Toast


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