LEGO has been a large part of toy history since 1949. Though there is some history before that about how a carpenter from Billund, Denmark started making something that became one of the world’s top toys. LEGO started in Ole Kirk Christiansen’s workshop. This carpenter started making wooden toys in 1932. Then he took his craft and created a toy company in 1934. This company was called LEGO, which is from the Danish phrase ‘leg godt’ that means ‘play well’. It wasn’t until 1947 that Legos were made of plastic. By 1949 the Legos that we all know today were manufactured. LEGO since then has become a global subculture. There have been movies, games, and six amusement parks. Though our collection may not be as grand as the whole LEGO company we still love them.  show how much we love them we have decided to sort them.Legos The whole reason we are sorting the Legos is because not only is it ecstatically pleasing is it is also sooooo much easier to play with them. The Legos come is so many different colors that when you put them all into a box it gets hard to find all the pieces of one color that you need. Especially when that one box has ten thousand Legos. Having Legos are so awesome because we can create whole worlds, and it will be easier to find specific pieces so that we can build. Sophia will be taking over most of the responsibility of sorting Legos because she is most passionate about it and also because our parents wont let her back out of her decision. Sophia says that she can get it down in two days, and were counting on it.We have tried this before and that fell out really bad. Now we are going in for round two.

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