Short Story Saturday

Once upon a time there was a Crazy Farmer named Frank. Frank was a chicken farmer who lived next to a radioactive swamp.

One day Frank was doing his daily routine when he noticed that one of his chickens was missing. A few minutes later he sees the missing chicken walking towards the radioactive swamp.

So Frank ran straight for the chicken, but when he got there the chicken was already in the swamp. For a few minutes Frank was thinking then out of the blue he ran straight into the swamp. When he got in the swamp he saw weird glowing plants and weird animals that were glowing in the trees.

A few minutes later Frank Found his lost chicken and went back to his farm. When he got back he put the chicken in the coop and went inside to take a shower. After his shower he looked in the mirror and noticed that he had no skin just bone it didn’t stun him at all.

After he got dressed he check on the chicken that got lost and the when he did the chicken was sitting on a pile of glowing eggs. When Frank saw this he picked them up and put them in a box and sold them with all the other normal eggs that you eat.

So if you ever buy eggs from a Skeleton named Frank check your eggs before you eat them.


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