There is such thing as relaxed motivation

It’s ok to take a little time for yourself. To let go, relax, and just let yourself breath. You don’t have to up and working all the time. Sometimes you need to just sit for a minute. Just taking minute isn’t going to kill you it will actually help you! Help you to become more creative, kind and motivated among other things. There are some many ways that you can ‘feed your soul’ or ‘heal your soul’ or ‘just relax’. So I have come up with a list that I think is to be the best ways of doing just that.

1. Meditation/yoga

2. Writing in a journal

3. Go for a walk

4. Reading

5. Drawing/doodling

6. Listening to music

7. Playing an instrument

8. Exercise

9. Community service

10. Something that just makes you feel good

Doing any of these things really helps me come back to being a positive, motivated and kind person. It also just feels good to just relax every once in awhile. I strongly recommend this and hope that you can benefit from this list.

Stay motivated,


One Reply to “There is such thing as relaxed motivation”

  1. Carlee, you are so right about this. How can more people strive towards this understanding? Keep up the good work! You and your siblings are a source of inspiration to many.

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