The Squirrel

Once upon a time there was a Black Squirrel. This squirrel wasn’t like the other squirrel because loved to trick Humans. He loved it so much that he would go and trick everyone.

One day when he was walking around his neighborhood until he saw a family with a black dog moving into the neighborhood. As he saw them moving in he thought of what tricks he could do to them. The next day he went up to the window that looked out into the family’s yard. When he looked through the window he saw that a teenage girl was on a computer (Sophia). When the girl looked up the only thing she saw out the window was the squirrels black tail. When she saw this she thought that it was there dog so went to the back door but when she opened it nothing was in the back yard excepted the Black squirrel on the fence about to leave. Ever since that day the Black Squirrel kept coming back to that house to trick the family.

The End


P.S. The Squirrel in this story is real because it keeps tricking Sophia in the morning.


One thought on “The Squirrel

  1. Thanks for the squirrel story, Parker. If you want a laugh, perhaps your folks will let you view some YouTube videos of squirrel vs. slinky and also slippery squirrel. Squirrels are so cute, but if you have ever had one inside your attic, you know that they can cause damage to things. Outside though, enjoy!


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