Living in Alaska we are accustomed to snow during the winter months. Since we are stationed in a new location we have yet to see snow stick to the ground, which is super weird. Sometimes we even forget it’s winter until we step outside and our bodies are assaulted by the cold which is not okay at all. When just looking out the window the only indication of winter is that there are no leaves on the trees. Yes, we had expected that the winters here would be different from Alaskan winters. Though we had only thought that if wouldn’t be so cold when we wanted to be out in the snow. dogo winterThe lower 48 does have very cold winters, just without the snow. What kind of winter is that! Not all the days are bad though, just like winter in most places there are some good days where it’s not so bad and you could even take a stroll outside. We guess you could say that we are now starting to appreciate and respect the bone chilling winters of Alaska. Or you could say that we would like just enough snow to build a snowman and be done with it.  Who really wants seven to eight months of winter. Now don’t get us wrong when we are talking about winter. We really miss Alaska and everything, but we are pretty glad to do without the bone chilling cold.

2 thoughts on “WHERE’S THE SNOW?!

  1. We are in Ohio and it is the same here. Green grass and bare trees. No snow. 10-day weather forecast is for +50F on Friday! Then on Sat and Sunday the temps drop to low 30’s. Crazy!

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  2. Unfortunately our seasons have changed ☹ We used to habe white Christmases with enough snow for sledding, snowmobiling, and snowman making. Lately, we’ve been getting those kind of snows in March. So hopefully, you’ll get done snow eventually 😊

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