Adventures in the Airport

This post isn’t going to a short story but i’m going to tell you my adventures in the airport trying to get to my dads house. The adventure begins with me and my sister waking up at 3:00 in the morning. After we ate breakfast and got ready we left house to go to the airport. While in the van we listened to Christmas music and talked. When we got to the airport Mom got our tickets and we were off to our gate. But first we had to take a detour through security. When we were waiting to go on the plane we talked some more, but when Heard someone on the microphone we knew it was time for us to go on the plane. After the plane took off it was like any other airplane ride so it was kinda boring. After a half an hour the plane landed and we were off to the room (it’s where they take unaccompanied minors so they can wait to go to there next plane. After 2 hours of waiting someone came to bring us to our next plane. When we got on the plane I ask how long it was and to my demise it was 3 hours of boringness. After the plane landed we had to wait until all of the other passengers got off because we were in the back. But when we got off we got hugs from our Dad.

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