Our Family Tradition

Like many, our family has traditions during the Holidays. Since we are a two in one family, it can be hard to pick a date to have christmas when christmas alternates between parents, though we’ve managed. Normally by having early or late a christmas. This year we are celebrating Christmas on January 7, 2018. A little past the original date for Christmas but it will be Christmas all the same for us. Every Christmas eve we open one present that has a; movie (tailored to each of our preferences), a book and matching pajamas. We spend the rest of that night taking family pictures and watching our movies. We have an awesome dinner of our favorite foods, sparkling cider, eggnog, the whole shabang. We all know what’s next after that. It’s to run off to bed and wait until Christmas morning! Our parents come and wake us up really early to take a look at out gifts. Things are pretty much like most Christmas days for others, where we open our presents play with them for a little and head back to bed for a little more rest. After a short nap the rest of that day is spent with family and discovering our new toys and finishing it off with eating last night’s leftovers for dinner. This year though is going to be much different especially with a Christmas on January 7, 2018.

Make sure to comment some of your favorite holiday traditions!
Happy holidays everyone!

One thought on “Our Family Tradition

  1. It is not the date on the calendar that makes Christmas. My family, too, didn’t celebrate on Christmas. Lots of folks have to work on Christmas. So our celebration fall whenever we could be together. Sometimes Christmas eve celebrations might be a week away from Christmas day celebrations. Doesn’t matter, when family is tovether it’s time to celebrate!


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