You’ll never be motivated by excuses

Excuses excuses excuses. You will never be motivated by excuses. Excuses are what brings you down, what holds you back. Though if you think about it you are the one that brings you down, that holds you back. You why? It’s because the definition of excuse is attempt to lessen the blame attaching to a fault or offense. This means that every time you make an excuse you are just trying to take the blame off you and put it on something or someone else. That just isn’t right, you have to own it. Own up to the mistake of not getting up early enough to go running before work, getting fast food instead of eating at home, or putting on the clothes that don’t make you feel beautiful. That’s all on you not the alarm clock, not your boss, not the traffic, not the weather, not anyone else. I know that you might think I’m being hard on you, that sometimes it is those things fault, but you know what that is just another excuse. OWN IT! Wake up early, eat a good breakfast, workout, wear the clothes that make you feel good! Do all the things, complete those goals you’ve set for yourself, don’t back down. Own the excuses because the more you own it the less excuses there will be to own. You are the only thing holding you back. The second you decide to wake up and own the day is the same second your life will change. You will be motivated to get up and go, to smile even when it rains, to dance through the fires of change. No one can do it for you, no one is going to just walk you through the whole process. There is no process on how to stop making excuse. This because you are the only one you can stop yourself from holding yourself back. Just jump, let go of whatever you think it holding you back because as soon as you jump, you will feel so free. I’m not saying you’ll get you’ll fly right away by I guarantee you will if you really let go. Don’t just tell yourself you let go, actually jump and don’t make the excuses. You’ll never be motivated by excuses. Own the excuses because the more you own it the less excuses there will be to own. OWN IT!

Stay motivated,


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