Your Mom Was Right!

I am sorry fellow teens but I give in, my mom has been right about everything, EVERYTHING! Before we get into the true reasoning of this post let me tell you a tale.Told ya so Once upon a time there was a 16 year old girl named Sophia. She was on her way with her family to her favorite dessert place, Whitey’s. Today she was going to try the unthinkable. She was going to get the triple chocolate fudge brownie ice cream with chocolate syrup! Her mother looked at her, “You sure about that? You know how you can be with choclate.” Sophia’s mind was set nothing would change her mind. After finishing her ice cream Sophia was sick and every movment put her on the brink of vomiting. She had not learned her lesson though. She felt she was ready for round two but her mother knew better and refused no negotiate with terrorist (that was an inside joke so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it). Sophia decided that since she was no longer able to get the triple chocolate fudge brownie with syrup she decided to try it a shake. Erica some how able to see the future said Sophia is only able to get a medium. In the end Sophia also lost the battle. Sophia is now able to eat a small shake of the triple chocolate  fudge brownie. The moral of this story is that some people are looking out for your well being, some people are trying to give you constructive  criticism. Don’t let your ego get in the way of that because you are robbing yourself of success.  So listen to you mom, she knows a thing or two.


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