What It’s like living split up

Living in a family were your siblings are technically your half or step siblings has got its problems but what family doesn’t have problems. Though the problem that is about to be talked about is one that we have never faced before and are conquering now. As we type this, Sophia is in Iowa and Carlee and Parker are in Washington. But being apart of the Nelson-Powell family means that nothing gets in our way. In Iowa, the main difference without Carlee and Parker is the quite. Usually there would be lots of talking the occasional argument and lot of loud laughter. Without them most of the sound comes from the littles. It’s also a little harder for Sophia to stay on track without her sister because she is Sophia’s accountability partner. Which is the same for Carlee, as Sophia is her accountability partner as well. In Washington, the main difference is that there is only three people in the house instead of seven and a dog. For Carlee there isn’t a lot to do because she only has to take care of herself. Its weird for her not to have to help out more throughout the day. For Parker it’s totally different because he is the only boy in either houses so it’s almost normal but without the craziness. The family truly can’t wait for everyone to be home again. Though it may be short lived, as Sophia will be leaving soon for six months to stay with her mom back in Alaska. She will surely be missed by the rest of the family. Though for their followers don’t worry the blog posts will continue and you won’t miss their collaborated Sunday’s post. Please comment below with any story about your blended family.


-The Kiddos

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