What kind of person are you?

This post is most likely going to be a short one. I will be addressing the question that is the title. What kind of person are you? There are three types of people at this time of year. The ones who just make goals, the ones that don’t, and the ones who are already working towards their goals. Yeah making goals on new years is traditionally. Yes some don’t do traditional. Though then there are the ones who really want their goals to become a reality. So my question still stands, what kind of person are you? Are you the one who just makes some nice looking goals and forget about them. Are you the person who just doesn’t make any goals and just goes with it? Or are you the person who doesn’t have to make goals because you already have them set and is working hard to make them a reality? Please comment below with your answer! I’d love to read them. Happy New Years!! Hope your year is as amazing as you make it to be!


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