Squirrel Popsicle

One lovely Wednesday morning I was going outside to put out our recycling. I make my way back towards the house when on my neighbors tree I see a large squirrel. I walked up to the fence and was surprised that it didn’t scurry away in my presence. So I called out to it making kissing sounds and clicking my tongue until I noticed how still it was but I couldn’t make any further observations because I noticed our neighbor was staring at me like I was insane and decided I didn’t much prefer the cold. I told Erica about it and hypothesized that it was dead because I was extremely loud taking out the recycling and I was calling out to it and still got no reaction. Erica didn’t think so and thought that it was most likely sleeping because how could it still be holding onto the tree if it was dead? I still had my doubts though. I go and take a shower while Erica and the littles made their way downstairs. When I was making my way down to join them I glanced outside to check on my squirrel friend to see if it was still there. It was no longer in its previous spot on the tree and so I assumed it was not dead but in fact sleeping. Then my eyes fall on a large brown lump in the snow. Dog poop? Nope, dog poop doesn’t usually have legs or is in shape of squirrels. I yell out to Erica that the squirrel was in fact dead and the wind had blown it off the tree. I ran outside with a camera and snapped a few shots because I knew this had to be a post. DSC_0156 I have lived in Alaska for almost all my life, it gets FREEZING there and not once have I seen a frozen squirrel, but my first winter in the lower forty-eight and I have now seen my first animal to have frozen to death. I do feel really bad for that squirrel though and I have no idea why it stayed out so late that it froze to a tree. #RIPSQUIRREL


One thought on “Squirrel Popsicle

  1. This is amazing. I have never seen a squirrel popsicle before. I know that squirrel’s build huge nests in trees and I see them all around my area now that the leaves have fallen. Poor thing…..perhaps it got wet and a cold wind took it by surprise and froze it quickly. Ka-razy though. Great post!

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