Your Health

That’s right your health is a huge part of being motivated. If you don’t believe me try to remember the last time you felt motivated and answer some of these question. What kind of foods did you eat that day? How much water did you drink that day? How did you get your exercise? Now do you believe me? These are just the basics, so lets drive into it. It starts with the word unhealthy,  see how the ‘un’ in unhealthy is italicized. Well that’s going to be our focus point right now because I am going to show all the unforgiving relatives of the word unhealthy. Here’s the list….. unhappy, unmotivated, unproductive, unambitious, unpleasant, unwanted, unaccompanied, unfulfilled, uninspired, and unsatisfied. These are just some of the relatives of the word unhealthy. Start eating better, start exercising, start drinking more water these are just the basics of how you can start to become healthier. Being healthier can change all those ‘un’ words into the their more positive and just overall better forms of themselves. Such as…… happy, motivated, productive, ambitious, pleasant, wanted, accompanied, fulfilled, inspired, and satisfied. Now don’t those words sound better. Just imagine if your life turned out just that much better by doing a workout every other day, eating healthier alternatives instead of junk, and drinking more water instead of soda or coffee. You can do it, but you just have to take that first step and be willing to take the next one when it comes.


Stay motivated,


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