The Friend

There once lived a man who owned a little shop in the middle of a great big city. This man was known as the Maker because he made all sorts of creatures out of all sorts of things which he then gave away. One day when he got very old a little girl asked him to make her a friend. He went to his workshop and he tried to make what he thought was a good enough friend for the girl.

But when he showed it to the girl the girl said, “That’s not a friend! That’s just a toy.” So the old man went back to his workshop and tried two more times, but each time the girl said “That’s not a friend! That’s just a toy.”

On the fourth try he was up in his workshop until morning trying to make a friend. When he came down the girl was sleeping in a big chair by the desk. The man woke her up and showed her a stuffed bunny with a clay face. When the girl hugged the bunny the bunny hugged back. Before leaving the girl said, “Thank you for making me a friend.”

When the girl left and the door closed behind her the old man sat in his chair and fell asleep and went to another world because he thought his work was done.


2 thoughts on “The Friend

  1. Parker, I like your story. It sounds like another post about what happened to the girl should be written. What might happen if she needs the old man again for something else? Thanks for writing!

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