As you know we are homeschooled. Some thought we were crazy! We are here to give you an update on the first semester of homeschooling. IT HAS BEEN GREAT! Sure there have been some bumps in the road but for who wouldn’t there be as first time homeschoolers? Sometimes homeschool is frustrating because you’re at home with your family so it is easy to get off task and goof off but, it would be the same at a public school, it would have just been friends instead of family. Though it can also be hard because we are in charge of our education so if you have a question that your parents don’t know or won’t answer, then it’s time to spend half an hour trying to find it on the internet. Though it’s all worth it because homeschooling has allowed us to start amazing goals, travel, take care of family, really learn hands on and experience so much more than we did in public school. We can really tailor our school work to our interests as well, our ever evolving interests. One of the greatest things that homeschool has offered us is more free time. We are able to go after our goals and spend more time with our family than on school work. This also works in a way that we are able to reach our goals while also getting school credit. We could be reading a success book and that would count for English. Another way school helps us reach our goals is the stuff we already have to do. Sophia and Carlee both have a goal to become more fit. Our daily school schedule requires us to work out every morning. Homeschool was also such a good idea because we have been moving all around the lower forty eight lately and we have been able to keep up with our school throughout it all. But that is also the downside. Usually when kids travel in public school they don’t have to do school work until they return back to school, for a homeschooler homework follows you wherever you go. We all really like homeschooling because we can travel, visit a lot more friends and family, and we have more free time. And we aren’t saying public school is bad, it has its pros and cons, homeschooling just works for us.

-The HMO Kids

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