When was the last time you read a book or even a decent article. It’s probably been a long a long time. That’s why I’m here, to tell you some great reasons on why you should start reading at least twenty minutes a day. For some I know that sounds like a lot, but really it’s not. If you are one of the many that think taking twenty minutes everyday to read is asking too much you should go see me other post call ‘No Excuses’ before you continue any further into this post. Now for those of you that have an open mind and know that there are no excuses congratulations you get to continue reading. Lets get on with the facts.


– vocabulary expansion

Reading can expand your vocabulary by a lot. especially if you are reading a classic. Such as Shakespeare or Jules Verne.

– stress relieve

Reading can put your mind into a place relieved of your stress. Especially if you are reading fiction but there are some nonfiction books that can transport you as well. Being transported into a whole other world can be a stress reliever as you are not thinking about this reality anymore.

– improves memory & focus

Reading can improve your memory because when you read your brain is working out. Just like any other muscle in your body the brain needs its work out too. when you work out your body can see that you start losing weight and start building more muscle. When you work out your brain you will start you see the your start to be less stressed and start remembering and focusing better.

– knowledge

Reading can expand your knowledge by just the fact that the more you read the more you know. If that’s about the characters in Harry Potter or about how the creation of trains came about, you’ll know more. Especially when your brain is working out you’ll remember all that new knowledge.

– motivate

Reading is also a great motivator because like right now you are reading an article from someone you loves what they are doing which is motivating people. If you really want to get motivated, work out that great brain, expand some vocabulary, and know a lot more just go and read some of our past posts.

When I was younger i used to have trouble reading because i didn’t read enough and that’s because I didn’t like it.  though now I’m reading almost an hour and half every day. I LOVE READING! you can learn so much from reading. Reading is an amazing gift and it’s something we should all be grateful for. I hope that this post motivates you to read more.

Open up a book and be motivated,

–  Carlee

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