Success Is Intentional

Florence Griffith-Joyner became the fastest woman in the world on July 16, 1988. She wasn’t surprised when she won the race because she had been training for years to be first. Success is intentional. Successful people like Florence Griffith-Joyner have a specific schedule and regimen that lead them to their success. Their own personal formula. Everyone else sees the final product. A multi million dollar business didn’t just sprout out from the ground over night, some one put blood, sweat and tears into it to bring people the final product. In the book “Seven Habits of Highly Successful Teens” by Sean Covey, he talks about starting with the end in mind. For Florence this probably meant her end was winning first place. She started with that in her mind and worked her butt of to get there. So when you see someone who is very successful or you know a friend who got a great score on a test know that they worked hard for their success, and remember that when people see your success they will know how hard you worked to get there.


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